Become a PTT4U Reseller

We are currently looking for worldwide resellers. If you think you can make magic with PTT4U in your territory, then apply for a reseller account.

Becoming part of the PTT4U family is the first step for a long, solid, innovative and profitable business.

Be prepared because everything you have been doing so far will change. Your sale will no longer stop after your client orders a radio. You will now get a permanent recurring income from service subscriptions. You will become a true telecom provider, but without the burden of an expensive network infra-structure.

Offering your clients the PTT4U service will increase your customer loyalty and future revenue. Oh, and prepare your speech! They never believe when you tell them that there will be no range restriction! 🙂

We will send you a voucher code that will give you an instant reseller discount on all products (radios, software and subscriptions).

Click here to apply