Anysecu 4G-W1 Plus + 1 Year PTT4U Subscription

$99.00 / year and one-time $299.00 for the Software/Radio(s) in this package

The 4G-W1 is a great 4G mobile radio, running on linux, with high stability performance and ease of use for the general users.



Main Features

* Unlimited Groups

* Unlimited Friends

* Unlimited Members

* Single Call/Group Call/All Call

* Call Records

* GPS Location

* Dispatch Monitor/Call/SMS

* Key Beep on/off

* Time-out-Time

* Program password protect

* Remote Upgrade

Operate Power 12V
Dimensions(L*W*H) 120x95x38 mm   4.72*3.74*1.50inch
Weight 280g   0.62LB


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